Monday, July 11, 2022

wedding ring blocks

 I snuck in some sewing of blocks and pieces that are not part of my 5 quilt or rainbow quilting goals. I have a few projects with cut pieces that I like to sew every now and then for fun.

wedding ring

snails trail

We have our first black blackberry. Last year we covered the bush with net, and had a great harvest. I thought why take it off if we will cover it again next year. Now, I know why. Most of the new growth came right through the netting and set berries before we noticed. If we pull it through now we will lose the berries. so, it is a race to get them before the critters.

first berry is always the best


  1. Your snails trails blocks are wonderful! You have inspired me to get my bin of mens shirts out and make some myself.

  2. Love the blocks, especially the top one, the swirling fabric really creates movement.

  3. I like your blocks, especially the snails trails. Boy we can't outsmart the birds or critters when it comes to gardens can we? :D
    Thank you for sharing with us a To Do Tuesday!

  4. How fun to have a few alternate blocks you sew when you get bored of your current projects. No wonder you get so much done!