Friday, August 12, 2022

quilt hit list

I am frustrated with the scrap piles again. A little bit here and a little bit there, can really add up over time. I have let a lot of time pass since the last time I have been sitting to cut scraps. I dumped all the bits into a container, and started cutting. This time, I  made a hit list. I have several projects, that I still need pieces cut to finish. When I pick up a scrap, I check to see if I could use the color in any of the projects. If so, I start cutting the sizes I need. If there is anything leftover, I cut the usual sizes, 3 1/2, 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2 and so on. So far, There isn't much I can't use in the hit list quilts. I enjoyed the process and we will see if it confuses me too much LOL

Most of the time, I just cut biggest scrap saver sizes to smallest, and, then, I have to have to find a home for them. Most of those homes are full. This way, I am actually moving projects along. True, I probably have enough already cut in the scrap saver system, to do each quilt, but, they are already in their home, and happy, and aren't going anywhere, if I need them. I am trying to clean up the new accumulated scraps, not pulling for each quilt.

The inspiration came from a discussion at open sew about taming the scraps. My quilting friend said that she had a pile on her table that she decided was getting cut and made into patches, into a quilt, until it is all gone. I didn't want to cut to just start a new quilt, when I have so many I still want to make or finish. So, I looked through what I had and needed, and am doing the same thing. When the pile is gone, we will see if it worked and they are truly gone.

It is okra time. We tried some purple okra this year and they were yummy.


  1. I really like this idea! In September, I'm going to give uncontrolled crumbs a try to tame my scraps that don't have a home...

  2. I am cutting scraps too - for three different quilt projects. I understand where you are!

  3. I like your friend's idea. My scrap bins don't stay neat because I rifle through them looking for just the right piece, and in reality I should just use them up, whatever piece comes up.
    My goodness your garden is glorious! I came looking for more garden photos after commenting on your To Do Tuesday post.

  4. Love that idea! I’m going to “steal” it! Please don’t call the Quilt Police! :)

    My iPad won’t let me log into my Google anonymous I am!