Saturday, August 6, 2022

waffle retirement

 I have the orange waffle stamp blocks finished for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, in orange. I have added over 100 blocks this year. But, I am retiring this project to the ufo closet to wait it's turn for assembly. 

and pink

We grew sweet corn this year. And it worked. All our lives we have been near seed corn, and as a courtesy didn't grow it. So, this is new to us. We wondered with our critter problem this year, if we would even find our ears of corn gone one morning. We have a knee high fence, but the animals laugh at that. We ate corn, and loved every minute. ta da I bet that next year we will be on a critter vacation guide. I am sure the word will get out and every deer in the state will visit to see and eat. haha

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  1. Those blocks are really fun! And yum on the homegrown sweet corn, too. It's so great that you were successful with it this year!

  2. What fun blocks and yes, the deer will be "over" to enjoy their portion at some point!--TerryK@ OnGoingProjects