Monday, September 12, 2022

boho monday

We had a fun Saturday with a trip to Danville Indiana for a woolkeepers 'hook in'. The weather was lovely and the skies were blue. The projects on display were amazing and wool was everywhere in beautiful colors. I managed to leave it all behind and spent my money on cushing dye to dye my own wool. I have started dyeing background for my village rug, and, I was afraid, I would not have enough of the dyes I used in the mixture. It is a big rug, and, I will need 6 yards of background.

I had a chance to work on boho again. I am making the blocks from section 2. The current color is yellow/orange.

There is plenty of catnip to harvest and dry for herbal teas. For a cat, it is a happy stimulant. For a human, it is calming. 

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  1. How cool to dye your own yarn!
    Your boho blocks are pretty. Are boho blocks from an especific quilt or BOM?
    Have a great stitching week.

  2. Your Boho blocks are pretty - I love that Boho Heart pattern. Do you dry the catnip until it is easy to crumble? I hope to plant some herbs in my little gardens next spring.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  3. Sounds like your "hook in" was a hit. I'll be checking in on your progress with the dyeing of wool. Also, I didn't know about catnip tea!! Interesting!

  4. You were in my city! And I was up in Shipshewana retreating. Hope you had a great time.

  5. Your blocks are so pretty! Oh, I didn't know humans could have catnip too! I want to put some in our garden, so it's good to know that! Thanks for linking up with Monday This and That! xx

  6. Such lovely blocks for Boho! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.