Friday, September 9, 2022

fair and square top

Fair and square is a top. The borders have been added and it looks really nice. Everything fit nicely. I need a big back and some binding before it is ready to be quilted and added to the list. I have not been quilting in a bit, so, my pile of tops is growing again.

I had some baby starts that I added as an afterthought to my raised bed this summer. They have tried very hard, but, haven't thrived. I hope they make it to next year. Truthfully I didn't think they would even make it this far. The front plant is wooly lambs ear, and, the back plant is calendula.

keep growing babies

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  1. Fair and Square is a lovely top and will surely make a gorgeous quilt. I am jealous of the recipient :-) Have an awesome weekend, Maggie.

  2. Fair and Square is a lovely combination of blocks, sashing and bordering coming together cohesively.

  3. Fair and Square is amazing!!! Thanks for showing it off at FInished ( or not) Friday!