Wednesday, September 7, 2022

snails a plenty

After working on my 5 quilts, even the parts that have languished. It was time out for fun sewing. I am starting another round of snails trail. I need to cut some more, which I find meditative, and then, I get to line up the triangles which is nice and tidy, then, I have the challenge of making the colors turn which is good for mental acuity, then, I get to wind bobbins which is satisfying, then, I get to chain sew which is efficient, then, I get to iron it flat which is just like Christmas morning surprises, then, I get to starch it which is preserving the lungs. Then followed with a grateful prayer for the wonder of quilting. good times. 

and we have a pumpkin

turn orange little thing

you mean rockefeller who made his money in oil?

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  1. Wow what a pretty pumpkin you have growing! I agree I find quilting all the things you mentioned. So fun and relaxing! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.