Sunday, September 11, 2022

stash report: September 11, 2022

 We have more rain, expecting to last all day. I am sure the garden is very happy. I went to a rug hooking event yesterday, and, was inspired with the colors, and textures, and rugs.

I bought dye in case I need more for the background of my village rug.

Since, I had a project this year that needed civil war reproduction fabrics, I realize I have a lot of holes in my colors, and, that, I truly like the look of them. I hope I will use more in my quilting future. I added a tan piece this week, and, I found a lost honey bun.

Stash report  September 11, 2022

fabric added: 2.5 yards
fabric added year to date: 92.5 yards 

fabric used: 0 yards  I am close to a finish

fabric used year to date: 170 3/4 yards  

78.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 5 days last week. 

I have added a bit more spooky moon to my spellbound rug. It is fall like outdoors and I am feeling the witchy vibe. It won't be long, before we are buying pumpkins, and, apples and, waiting for halloween. Still, I will set this aside in favor of my village rug that has waited forever for the background.


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  1. The spellbound rug looks pretty, lovely moon with a touch of light grey! The new tan fabric is very beautiful. Have fun with the village rug!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  2. Love the witch rug so much! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. I love watching the progress on your rugs. Fun design!