Monday, October 17, 2022

5 quilts October 17, 2022

 Someone suggested that I move, a quilt to be quilted, into the 5 quilts, and, I thought it was a brilliant idea, so, I will drop the rainbow scrap challenge as part of 5 quilts.

last report 5 quilts October 5 , 2022

I try to work on these 5 quilts until they are done. Their turn in the UFO closet is over, and, they need to be finished one way or another.

1. rhododendren mystery - Bonnie hunter - The center is together and the 2 side pieces are together. It is just a matter of sewing the pieces.

2. Boho heart - The first part of section 3 is ready to go.

3. I started the assembly of dotty bow ties.  The bow tie blocks are made. I am slowly adding a sashing to the center of each block, 10 at a time

4. circa 1880-  More about this here. I have 8 rows sewn together, which is halfway. I think all the rows have been made. It is time to sew them together and see if I have made enough.

5. blue ridge beautyback and binding - ironed - on the frame

I have been quilting this very large quilt with swirls. I have made some progress and hope to have it quilted this week.

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. 

1. lotus flower? I don't remember this -my notes say it is in the upstairs closet - I have decided not to quilt this one. I may just ask at guild if anyone would like this.

customer quilt time pause

2. scrappy twirl

3. ugly I spy

4. frolic mystery

5 sea swept


  1. Rhododendren Trails is beautiful, I can't wait to see it quilted! Your have some lovelies in progress, I hope you can get them all quilted this month, happy stitching!

  2. The Boho Heart has intrigued me for awhile. I'm eager to see how yours finishes.

  3. The Rhododendron quilt is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it all put together... you got a lot done last week! Thanks for linking up with Monday This and That! xx

  4. Your Rhododendron is so pretty! I look forward to seeing your Boho heart. Do you do FMQ or use a panto on your quilting? Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  5. Rhododendron Trails is so lovely! You have a good plan for the week and will move all of these along I'm sure. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss