Friday, October 14, 2022

friday group and bunnies

One of my 5 quilts ufos is this little bunny quilt I started a few years ago. I opened the box, recently, and, discovered fabric and bunny blocks. At my Friday group, I used a jelly roll to make the solid sashing and a matching fat quarter bundle to make the squares sashing. I have the perfect border fabric for it in my stash. I wanted this for a baby quilt. 

Judy surprised us with a finished boho heart top that is gorgeous. Now, I am the last one that needs to finish.

Judy's boho

While we were meeting, an older  quilter ( nearly 100) from guild popped in to leave some scraps. She is cleaning out ( it never ends) her stash. Everyone else took a piece or two, and, then, I brought the rest home for a fun adventure. How can something so innocent make such a mess when it gets to my house?


  1. Your bunny quilt is spectacular and the heart-Wow! It's always fun to go through some one else's scraps isn't it.

  2. where can we find that bunny pattern?

  3. I love your cute little bunnies peeping out!

  4. Those bunny blocks are so much fun. Each one unique with the way the ears are positioned. Love the vibrant, cheerful sashing.

  5. Oh that bunnies quilt!!! SUPER adorable!
    the scraps - I think they know they are in a safe spot so them multiply and make messes in your house haha!

  6. Bunnies are cute! That heart is amazing.