Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Boho heart progress

 I began assembling group 4 of boho heart blocks and was able to make the section. I had the room to lay it out at the library during an open sew.

I am getting close. I need to start sewing groups together.  I don't think I have room here, and, may have to wait for a trip to the library again. I blogged about the start here.

I saw this ghostie online and liked him. I haven't "crafted" in a while, but, bought the pattern. It was fun. The hardest part was finding all the tools and paints from long ago, tucked here and there. I had everything I needed. Even the paint was old, but useable. He wasn't done in time  for Halloween this year, but, he doesn't look too bad, next to a Christmas tree haha.

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  1. Your Boho heart is sure coming along. That ghostie is adorable! Love that his body is candy corn. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. The Boho heart block assembly is coming along beautifully. I really adore the fabrics you have chosen. I purged a lot of my non stitching or quilting craft supplies a few years. Seeing people use their old supplies (like with your adorable ghost) makes me regret it a tiny bit. Happy quilting! -Andrea