Friday, December 2, 2022

one monthly goal - boho heart

 Group 3 is finished of the boho heart quilt. It doesn't look much different than the last post. I did get the whole group together in one section. I am ready for group 4. I want to make finishing boho heart my December one monthly goal. I think it is doable. I have had a cortizone shot in my thumb, and, was fitted for a splint. It is awkward but feels much better. I feel like sewing again, with some adaptions.

I have had a fun start to the Christmas season. Sometimes, I can't get motivated, but, this year, I am decorating a little more, and, it has been fun. I decided I wanted to do 2 themed trees. One is my reason for the season tree, with pictures of Jesus and his many names. And, another tree I am decorating with santas. I have been searching the thrift stores and adding ornaments as I find them. I think, I will add angels to the Jesus tree. It's a fun adventure. My love of collecting has not dimmed with age. Now, if I could just do the collecting, and, then, let go of it once the fun is over, I would be happy.

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