Sunday, January 29, 2023

stash report 1/29/2023

These are mystery jelly rolls from last December. I am including in this years totals because I was hiding them from myself.


Stash report January 29, 2023

fabric added: 6 yards
fabric added year to date: 19 1/2 yards 

fabric used: 25 + 12 yards donated   sea swept finished 

fabric used year to date: 49 yards  

29 1/2 yards used more than bought - Yippee I have flipped to the used side

I sewed 6 days last week.  including Friday sew

Last week, I stitched and finished a hexie while traveling in the car. This week, I hope to add it to the mother ship. As I move up the side of my quilt, I want to work to straighten the edge. I have 2 sides to that point and I am adding a row to make it bigger. That is the row, I will work to a straight edge.

I am running low on scraps that are big enough for the last rounds

I am linking to:

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  1. Congratulations for "flipping to the used side", even if you hided some fabrics ;)) Lovely hexies, you did great while traveling.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up!

  2. I had to laugh at hiding fabrics from yourself because I do that too! But it's so much fun to find them again.

  3. Sea swept is gorgeous. Your hexie flower looks beautiful.

  4. That is a gorgeous hexagon. I like "hiding fabrics from myself", but I'm not sure I would have added it in now. LOL You're doing a great job of stash use and spending time, though, and have used more than I have, so I'll go sit quietly in the corner. =)

  5. Yeah for more out than in this week! Sea Swept turned out beautifully!

  6. I absolutely adore Sea Swept. Congrats on having more "used" fabrics than "added"

  7. Yay for you! Great way to start off the year, really using up that stash. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. If you were closer I'd definitely have scraps for you. :) So did you surprise yourself with the hidden fabric?