Monday, February 27, 2023

scrappy pinwheels start

I opened another Ufo box for my 5 quilts projects, and, found a fun older project. So, I am sewing scrappy pinwheels at Friday sews. It is easy and portable. It is fun to revisit some oldie but goodie fabrics as I piece the blocks. I found 3 different block pieces cut, and, made, when I opened the box. I needed to sew into block quarters below. This could easily be a jelly roll pattern.

Evidently, I can't count. I needed to cut and add a few more. My goal was 80 blocks. 

So, that, I could make 20 pinwheel blocks for the quilt.

1st block- 19 to go

This close to the end of the month, I can check the boxes for my ongoing PHD at quilting gail. I have finished 4 so far this year, and, my goal is 12.


  1. Gosh four finishes out of twelve! You are on a tear. Love that Scrappy Pinwheels block. Should make such a pretty quilt! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Good progress on the year's goals. I like this block. I'm presuming it's done with flipping corners. Looks like a good leader-ender project.

  3. You've done well on your finishes so far this year, Maggie! And I absolutely LOVE that scrappy pinwheel block!