Monday, April 17, 2023

5 quilts April 17, 2023

 last report march 29, 2023

I try to work on these 5 quilts until they are done. Their turn in the UFO closet is over, and, they need to be finished one way or another. I decided that for 2023, rather than work a little on each one at a time, I would concentrate on just one. I still use the list to plan and look ahead. 

 This set shows finishes that seemed to take forever to finish. The new ones look more interesting to me as a set. I will be able to jump back and forth when I need a break. And, there will be more portable parts for social sewing.

1. scrappy pinwheels. is finished

2. Kristals- was my one monthly goal for March is done - finished

1. wool lady table runner. is finished 

1. wensleydale - I want to start cutting - haven't started

2. trip around the world class- I have been asked to teach for guild. I have the strips sewn together from my stash of flannels. I need to sub cut and start laying it out. That is the fun part.

3. Hand me down blocks are done, and, I am starting to piece rows - can't wait.

4. wonky courthouse steps 2 found, on the frame, quilted, trimmed, attach binding

5. Saturday soire block of the month. This an older UFO from 2013. I opened the box, and, all of the blocks are pieced. I have the setting kits to start.  I remember being in love with this quilt. I don't have a picture in the box, so now it will be a mystery. I chose red. There is a blue option, and when the lqs closed, I bought the blue version as part of their closing sale. For now, red is one of my 5 quilts until it is finished.

cutting for setting kit 1

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. 

1. wonderland table topper on the frame, basted, quilted, attach points, attach binding, quilted

new 1. tokoyo subway on the frame

customer pause

2. scrapbox chevron from 2013

customer pause

3. wonky wishes 2017

4. checkered past

5. ubi


  1. Choosing five to concentrate on is a good idea -- and you did it! I think my favorites are Kristals and the plaid hand-me-downs. Nice assortment for the TATW demo!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your hand me down block quilt come together. Thanks for joining us at Monday Musings!