Friday, April 28, 2023

5 quilts April 28, 2023

last report April 17, 2023

I try to work on these 5 quilts until they are done. Their turn in the UFO closet is over, and, they need to be finished one way or another. I decided that for 2023, rather than work a little on each one at a time, I would concentrate on just one. I still use the list to plan and look ahead. 

This group of 5 quilts has a lot of cutting involved. Which is not my favorite part, so, there has been a few distractions. One of them, is cleaning my sewing room floor, and, the subsequent stuff that I have found buried in the rubble. I dusted under my sewing machine where I keep all the little cast off triangles. I have 2 shoe boxes ( and a few baggies) full and this is my equivalent of legos. It is definitely more fun than cutting.

1. wensleydale - I  started cutting - I have 10 cut so far. They are definitely fiddley to cut. It will take some time.

At first, I bought the paper piecing papers, but, I found the templates for a good price, and decided to use them.

I may have to sew a couple just for fun before I get them all cut. It would be foolish to cut them all out, and discover then, that they don't sew together well. haha

2. trip around the world class- I have been asked to teach for guild. I have the strips sewn together from my stash of flannels. I have the strips ready, and, I am laying out the top. I think it will be cute.

I have the rows pinned and ready to sew together. I should be ready for the May workshop.

3. Hand me down -the top is done

And, I have added the borders. I need to piece a backing, prepare binding, and wait for the long arm to open up to quilt it. I didn't get it done for my April one monthly goal.

4. wonky courthouse steps 2 found, on the frame, quilted, trimmed, attached binding- I need to sew the binding 

5. Saturday soire block of the month. This an older UFO from 2013. I opened the box, and, all of the blocks are pieced. I have the 3 setting kits to start. I am cutting for kit 1. I remember being in love with this quilt. I don't have a picture in the box, so, now, it will be a mystery. I bought the red kit as a block of the month. There was a blue option, and when the lqs closed, I bought the blue version as part of their closing sale. For now, red is one of my 5 quilts until it is finished.

sure need labels

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. 

1. wonderland table topper on the frame, basted, quilted, attach points, attach binding, done

new 1. tokoyo subway on the frame, basted, quilted, attach binding, done

customer pause

hand me down

2. scrapbox chevron from 2013 may one monthly goal

taw baby quilt

customer pause

3. wonky wishes 2017

4. checkered past

5. ubi

beige 4 patch

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  1. You'll be busy in May! I'm trying to finish partial projects too or if I start a new project, finish it right away! Happy stitching!

  2. You are definitely executing your plan for finishes this year. Hopefully May will be as productive.

  3. Go, Maggie, Go! Looks like you are moving forward and that's a good thing. I really like those Hand Me Down Stars. Hmmm...

  4. These are great projects - I like how you break them down...
    of course, I am just in love with Hand Me down stars!!!! it is a stunner!

  5. Lovely projects! The fabrics for Soiree sure are pretty. Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.