Sunday, April 2, 2023

stash report April 2, 2023

Spring has brought out my fabric nesting instincts. And buying on line is so easy...

stash report April 2, 2023

fabric added: 11 yards

fabric added year to date: 51 yards 

fabric used: 14 yards   kristals finished

59 1/ 2 yards used more than bought 

I sewed 4 days last week. 

I have started another batch of wool dyeing. I am having trouble matching the color of the background. sigh... Same recipe, same dyes, I am not sure what is going on with it. I am sensing that I need to spread the color I have been using through out the rug. I can then, blend any new variations.

This is a monster to take to rug hooking guild. I have a smaller frame that is portable, so the bulk of the rug sits on the table behind.

We spent a minute in our basement during the tornado outbreak. There were 4 in our county, but, we are fine and no damage. Although we have not gone out back to our little bit of woods. What I saw out of the windows did not look like it was going to be a problem. My heart goes out to those with losses. 

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  1. So glad to hear you didn't have any damage from Friday's storms. Good luck with the next dye lot, hopefully that one will match better.

  2. The fabrics you've added look very pretty, they'll make lovely quilts!

  3. I am glad you were safe during the tornado outbreak. It is heartbreaking to see all the damage that has happened. Your latest fabric purchases are very pretty. I hope you can get the dyeing to work out. Your rug is looking great. It is nice to see a photo of the whole rug.

  4. Love the happy bundles of fabrics you have acquired. Such pretty colours. Your hooked rug you are working on is a beauty. Those tornadoes were horrific. Glad to read that you are okay.

  5. Buying online is super easy, especially when we need to find something we cannot find locally. Trying to buy only what is needed for specific purposes and using it with those projects is the only way it is used as soon as possible. The only bits kept is the leftovers for scrappy quilts. Reducing is a constant process. It keeps us out of mischief!

  6. I'm happy that you are safe, and with no damage around you. Scary weather.
    Lovely bundles, pretty colors. Your rug looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing, and lining up.

  7. So glad you are safe! Your village rug is so wonderful, and having some variance in the background will add sparkle when you place it randomly as you plan to do. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. I think your blending idea is a good one. The rug is so fun, even if it is a monster to carry around.