Wednesday, May 10, 2023

floor mess

My strip bins overfloweth. The big problem is the floor around them is collecting strips as well. I don't like the mess of sorting into colors, so, I wait until the situation is urgent. I am trying to clean the floor in my sewing room. It has to be done.

1 1/2 inch strip bin

This is the 1 1/2 inch strip drawer unleashed. Hard to believe all this was in one drawer. 

The big pile of neutrals was a mess on the floor which prompted my attention. I sat on the floor making piles of color.

What to do with them?
 Their permanent home will not hold any more. I have tried to keep them in a smaller bin - it didn't fit


I found this plastic container, and, I could get most of them here.

But, there were still a lot of neutrals with no home. I had an extra waste basket that I repurposed for them. It will be easier to dig through them, this way, than, an organized stack. I think it will work.  

Time to make 4 patches. 

or 9 patches ...or both

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  1. I totally get what you mean about those over flowing bins, they just multiply faster than we can sew it seems.

  2. Dealing with scraps is always such a big job...good luck! Making a bunch of 4 or 9 patches is actually a great idea. I need to think about that for my overflowing bins!

  3. You've made a dent -- keep it up!

  4. I love a floor with a fabric mess ... even more when it's not my floor, haha. Look at all the lovely possibilities just waiting to happen. I shouldn't talk as my strings are in the same situation. I need to learn how to sew during my sleep, lol. Enjoy the madness. ;^)

  5. This looks like the floor in my sewing room! Great job straightening them up. Four patches and nine patches are always good for using up scraps and making a nice quilt.